As a Research practice, we are always keeping an eye out for studies that we and our patients can take part in. These could be on a wide range of subjects from short questionnaires about our practice to longer studies that span over a number of years to monitor patient symptoms and outcomes of treatment. Any patients who meet the criteria of any given study will be contacted by the practice to see if they would like to take part.

We are an RSI (Research Site initiative) level 2 practice which means that we have to complete a minimum of 5 studies throughout the year. To do this we have staff working across the practice to support research studies from administrators to nurses and GP’s. The clinical lead for research is Dr Jo Warcaba.

Studies we are taking part in this year

  • UpStanding – A study that looks at the benefits of using standing desks in general practice. We will be given a number of standing desks for clinicians to use and will need to report back on our experiences.
  • The GLAD study – This stands for Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression. In this study, patients who have opted to take part help us to understand if there are genetic links that could lead to Depression and Anxiety.
  • MPK Study – The study looks at patients who have had a total knee replacement and are using Microprocessor knee joints to monitor their use and effectiveness for those patient
  • iD study – a research study designed to see if nasal sprays, getting active and reducing stress help people to get fewer and less severe infections such as flu, colds and similar respiratory infections. Patients can ask to speak to the research team for information
  • Nationally there is the GRAIL study which a large number of our patients are taking part in (large in terms of research recruitment) and the PANORAMIC study. GRAIL Study – which is a blood test that has the potential to detect over 50 kinds of cancer and aims to detect cancers earlier by looking for abnormal DNA shed from cancer cells into the blood. Eligible patients will have been contacted by the national study team. Patients can click here to find out more and how to take part.
  • PANORAMIC study – A study to help find effective early treatments for Covid-19 using Antiviral treatments. Patients can find out more by clicking here.

We are also taking part in a number of COVID19 studies which include looking at patient rehabilitation from COVID-19, active monitoring whilst patients have COVID-19, and the physical impacts of COVID-19.

All of the studies we take part in we choose because we believe that they can have or may lead to better care and understanding of clinical needs for our patients and for our staff.

We will never use patient information for research purposes without the expressed consent of the patient and you will always be contacted prior to your information being given to research teams.

Did you know that the NHS is involved in Health Research?


This video is from the Clinical Research Network.